truBackup is the backup and restore app with a simple, clean and ease of use design. The trubackup app is the backup assistant you need, in it are powerful features and ease of use which makes the phone backup and restore activity simple. The truBackup - Backup and Restore app is designed with the principle: "My Backup My Cloud".

What makes truBackup - Backup and Restore special?

[✔] Flexible Storage Media SD Backup: With truBackup Backup and Restore, you can configure the mobile backup onto SD Card or you can also move your data to your own Cloud Backup, (Dropbox Backup). When SD card selected, we recommend users to configure backup location to external SD Card during app setup. This makes your SD Card Backup process simple.

[✔] Incremental Backup: truBackup - Backup and Restore will automatically detect content that gets modified regularly, new or updated and do a backup intuitively. This make this android backup app truly the app you need.

[✔] Scheduled Backups: truBackup - Backup and Restore allows you to set up scheduled backups & manage backing up incremental changes. The trubackup - Backup and Restore is built so well, that you can choose to backup your data on every interval, to a specific day and hour in a week or month and more so, you can specify schedules. This makes truBackup - Backup and Restore the best android backup app.

[✔] Multiple Device Backup Tools: truBackup - Backup and Restore app allows you to backup more than one android device. This mobile backup and restore facility makes it easier to copy content between your android devices . With truBackup - Backup & Restore, you have the ability to backup multiple android devices within one main dropbox account. You can browse the device content, choose content and selectively copy/restore data across the devices; this makes it the dropbox backup android app to have.

[✔] Restore Files 24/7 : Backed up data is useless if it can't be restored quickly and easily. With truBackup - Backup and Restore, restoring files can be done anytime with just a few clicks. What is unique about truBackup - Backup and Restore, it allows to selectively restore what is necessary for you and this makes it the Phone backup & restore app to have.

[✔] Logs & Reports : How do you know your backups really worked? truBackup - Backup and Restore status lets you know what was backed up, when it was backed up, and how much storage space you are using. truBackup - Backup and Restore takes data protection very seriously.

[✔] Personal Backup: truBackup - Backup and Restore is the complete android backup and restore app you will ever need for your mobile.

truBackup is a comprehensive and intuitive Backup solution that allows you to backup your content on your preferred cloud storage provider like Dropbox.

Complete backup of your device content – Applications, Contacts, SMS, All Media types
truBackup protects your data on a secured cloud provider
  • Access controlled
  • Secure data transfer
  • Backup all your devices into one Dropbox account.
  • Browse all your devices data.
  • Share and Restore the data across your devices.
  • Requires minimal battery & memory consumption
  • Scheduled backups are run in background
  • Sensitive to low battery and no network situations
  • Notifications will keep you posted on the status
Sammy Kwesi

I am very picky when it comes to apps. I spent weeks trying out a backup solution for my S3. I installed trubackup and it actually has all the important options that I was looking for, in a simple UI. To me backup to Dropbox is essential. Developer hit the mark. No issues at all, ane would recommend app. Great. Sam

Vishal Anand No nonsense app with easy to use interface. It could back up your data either on drop box or sd card. Best part is that back up could be scheduled and possible to restrict only on WiFi. Good for limited data plans.
Sairam gv Easy to use and intuitive application. Simplified backup on Andriod. It would be a good update to have auto syncing (for now, schedules solves the problem to some extent).
Akhil Vishwanatham Amazing application ... perfect for backing up information to dropbox or sd card ...
Imran khan It is so easy to backup and restore with this app.
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